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Footprint's Home Visits

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Footprint's Home Visits

Rebecca Williams graduated from the University of Southampton in 2006 with an Honours degree in Podiatry.

She started her own Private Practice in 2007 and has built up an extensive knowledge of Podiatric care in the last 12 years. She has dealt with a variety of conditions ranging from over-grown toenails to ulcer management, as well as gaining an insight into Vascular, Neurological, Dermatological and Biomechanical issues.  She is qualified to deal with patients who have illnesses that can have a significant impact on problems concerning the feet. These include Diabetes, Arthritis, Peripheral Vascular Disease and localised Skin Conditions.


In addition to her clinic, Rebecca spent two years working at the Peartree Rehabilitation Centre for those suffering  different levels of brain injury. 

Rebecca A. Williams
BSc(Hons); S.R.Pod; MChS; HPC Reg. 27599
Southampton Podiatrist Rebecca Williams

Personal Testimony: "Many people ask me 'why' and 'how' I can do this job. As a student I saw many people; both in this country and abroad, in great pain and suffering because of injuries/ailments to their feet. In my second year of University I was further inspired by the care given and the methods used in helping patients to recover and watched as they were restored back to full health. I have carried forward those methods learnt and have gained much experience over the years. Foot pain of any kind can be debilitating and can have a massive impact on every day life. The continual realisation of just how important it is to care for feet and the privilege of being able to help relieve the burden of pain that many people endure answers both the 'how' and 'why' questions on a daily basis"



Footprint's Home Visits
- Toenail Cutting -
- Fungal Nail Reduction -
- Ingrown Nails -
- Corn Removal -
- Callus Removal -
- Cracked Heals -
- Athletes Foot -
- Diabetic Foot Care and Reviews -
- General Foot Care advice -
- All treatments are finished with an application of Gehwol Blue Moisturising Cream -
(Suitable for Diabetics)

For all other Foot Complaints, please contact me and we can advise on the best course of treatment.

Please give 24 hours notice for cancellations or appointment changes, or a £10 Charge will incur.

~ Vouchers available for all treatments ~


Footprint's Home Visits

“Brilliant Care and a really professional service.”

Liz Dinawi

"Becky is very professional and has been looking after mine and my mums feet for some years now. I highly recommend her and it's great that she comes out to the comfort of your own home. Brilliant if you haven't got transport to go to a clinic."

Emma Saunders

"I have and will continue to recommend Rebecca for first class service at all times."

Marie Birkett

From left to right: Rebecca A. Williams & Lady Maureen Oakeley



Footprint's Home Visits

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